Why Gili Island?

How is 2017 treating you? I just realise this will be my first blog of the year! Regarding my trip on Gili Island. We spend 3 days and 2 nights on the island of wonderful colours.

1st day


Pearl of trawangan

Can you believe if i say this is the lobby? Isn’t it adorable?

We were planning to stay at ‘Le pirate’ unfortunately it was fully booked. Blessing in disguise this hotel by far is the best hotel on Gili island. Before that let me explain quickly there is three island nearby and the one that we are staying is call ‘Gili Trawangan’.


pampered by the welcome drinks and cold towel


walking to our room

side right room.jpg

side room.jpg

front room.jpg


beautiful shower


front room view.jpg

spacious place to hang out outside

back to the entrace.jpg

Time to survey the island!

pearl view.jpg

Pearl of Trawangan

Its literally a minute away from the hotel to the beach. The best part of this hotel they offer us options to rent bicycle for 6 hours or 12 hours. We rent for 12 hours since its our first day and we plan to cycle the whole island.


We stumble upon this restaurant or the local say ‘Warung’.


The food was very reasonable and to die for…. It cost us only $5 for both! Can you get there anywhere else? well probably my hometown Johor in Malaysia.


Warung Bu Ida

I took a photo of this girl who is working here and her name is Erna. I think this is the only warung on the island. If you see her, means your on the right warung. ‘Warung Bu Ida’ is the name of this restaurant. It means Madame Ida restaurant.

green view.jpg

Cycling by and i saw this beautiful green sceneries, i just had to take a photo of it.

sunset kiss.jpg

After all that cycling its time to chill and relax at Restaurant sunset kiss. Seriously? the name of the restaurant is kiss? you got that right.


sunset kiss snacks.jpg

We need to boost up our energy and i need my coffee

clear ocean.jpg

Clear water with white sandy beach

corals by PC.jpg

White corals! i’m in love

the two at PC.jpg

people waiting for sunset.jpg

Everyone are just chilling and witnessing the sunset

sunset kiss swing.jpg

We were too tired to get on the swing but kind a regret it…..

2nd day


Could not complain of the view.

1st day bfast.jpg

Breakfast? it taste prettier than the picture

  • Avacado Bread
  • Poached eggs with feta cheese and mushroom
  • Pancakes


Their architecture is the bomb


Its time to go snorkeling!


Time for lunch on Gili Air.


Soothing  lunch view


Saw this little house on Gili Air.


g air.jpg

I feel like i was back in time on this island


As you can see Gili Air is much more quiet and peaceful. In my personal opinion its too quiet.

black sand.jpg

Compare with Gili Trawangan white sandy beach, on Gili Air is black glittery sands.


The villa


Its good to be back on the white sandy beach of Trawangan


Coffee anyone? This particular phone case is by bedazzled_official and you can like them on facebook or instagram. Check it out at this link bedazzled_official They offer worldwide shipping.

malibu beach.jpg

We didn’t wanna leave Malibu Beach as they provide great drinks. Give me more of their  songs! Listening to their songs and dozing off to my LA..LA.. Land


Malibu Beach

goodbye sunset.jpg

My last sunset of 2016

3rd day



  • Appetiser

me cravingbfast.jpg

2nd bfast.jpg

Whats on my plate?

  • Smoke Salmon with potatoes
  • English breakfast
  • French toast

bfast on sandy beach.jpg


A quick stroll before we leave the island

sign board.jpg

Goodbye Trawangan, we had an amazing time with you. Its time to leave and headback to Bali.

Check out more photos on my instagram at myrissz




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