Lets explore Guangzhou:part 1

Hello lovelies! Gosh! its been quite awhile…. apologise for that! My first trip to Guangzhou! EXCITED

A friend advise on this trip:

  1. Wear sneakers
  2. Price of food is reasonable and delicious
  3. Don’t drink a lot of water if your doing a lot of walking outdoor unless your going to the mall. (toilets ain’t really clean unless its the mall)

What did i do?

  1. Research which hotels are the nearest to the places that you want to go. For example were going shangxiajiu street and beijing road.
  2. What is the review and prices for the hotels?
  3. Is it near a subway (subway and mrt are totally two different things and tunnel)
  4. Print out the hotels name in mandarin, its easier for the cab driver to find the way to your hotel because the cab driver does not understand english!

A case happen when our hotel address has two street name and four cab drivers does not know the place…. bummer. When i ask for the locals to help and luckily she can speak english, she explain that just tell the cab driver to look at the first name of the street instead the back name. By listening to her i was able to go to my hotel! yippy!


Photo of the son restaurant owner

This halal restaurant is just next to Sotel Inn hotel, check link


wanton beef soup

Healthy and mouthwatering? what more can you ask for……


mini museum


Shangxiajiu street


Pacific coffee

This cafe is just opposite of the hotel! perfecto


Neat and clean decoration


Color combination is cool




Look at the hexagon shapes of  the tables


Reminds me of Malaysia food



Jiamai Bakery


Enjoy Life Enjoy Time-Cake Sweetness


Earthy wood decoration

Tasty Tasty Bread


I’m in China! I couldn’t believe it.


Cute seating area for two


Moving on to the next hotel that i will be sharing to you on my next post

Wanna see more colourful photos? lets go to myrissz


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