Exploring Guangzhou:part 2

Just as i promise to share more stories with you regarding Guangzhou! =)

beijing street.jpg

Beijing street

I love…. history! Learning some historical part of Beijing road, makes me excited! This is Beijing Road it is one of the oldest road in Guangzhou! To make it awesome it is a car freezone! fresh air every where… yippie!

Just name it as you can find anything on this street. As you walk down the roads…. you will definitely pass by a panels of see through glasses. Which is the remnants that dated back to Song Dynasty (960-279), Talking about history right?

Beijing street-mango.jpg

mango drink

Surprisingly this drink is from Thailand! Ingredients:

  1. Mango ice
  2. Whipped cream
  3. Mango cubes

chicken fiesta

This cafe restaurant offers endless of chickens, my favourite? Is their spicy crispy chicken…. It is to die for!  Even better? it very close to our hotel, like 10 seconds walk?

South and North International Apartment Guangzhou


mini duplex

pengman bed.jpg

I read a few reviews regarding this hotel and stating it is not good, the lift is too slow etc Then again…. hey you! yea you who gave bad reviews! You are full of crap because it is not true!

South and North hotel details


Taikoo Hui Mall

Taikou Hui Mall

All the luxury items are all under one roof.


cool architecture


bright lighting

outside mall.jpg

colourful building




Sultan Turkish Restaurant

Look at this humongous three level building of a restaurant.


The best Turkish restaurant


Even the western food is good

Just as i ordered the food, my eyes can’t stop observing all of the hardworking waiter and waitress in the restaurant. I guess i was too amaze by how fast like literally super fast in doing their job. Hands down on the food! It was that good…..

Sultan Turkish Restaurant


river view


Time to relax and enjoy the view

home deliver.jpg

Food delivery was good!

What did i do in Guangzhou?

  1. Explore the city
  2. Eat their local food and western food
  3. Try the taste of local desserts
  4. Sight seeing and learn a bit of their history
  5. Inspired by the local people characters which are hardworking, humble and humour

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