Colourful-Home decorations

Hello my lovely readers… How’s everything going?

The best part of travelling is having the chance to find something new and unique to bring back home. On the flip side, I am sharing something different this time with you. Are you bored with your current home decorations? Allow me to share with you some of the colourful home decorations.


blue sky.jpg


A mirror table can be accessorise with transparent crystal such as the crystal clock and the prettiest crystal lamp. All the courtesy of ‘Bohemia’.

Are you attracted to those phone cases?

Marble blue sky and Diamond shade phone case by bedazzled_official

monochrome bowls.jpg


Loacker!!! my favourite…. I can just finish this one box of Loacker within an hour while watching television. Sorry… too much information i guess… =p

Look at those monochrome coaster and bowls! monochrome are the ‘it’ thing ya’all. Don’t forget that rocker style skull iPhone case by bedazzled_official

blue waves.jpg


Marble on Marble

Beige marble top with a marble phone case on top of it…. splendid!

Do you believe if i say this table is in the toilet? Who say you can’t be overly creative in toilet decorations.

Marble splash


Maybe from this angle you would believe this photo was taken in the toilet or should i say a powder room. I just notice the table matches the wall colours, how awesome is that?

Cute silver shells accessories, a fake plant and a candle to funk up the table. iPhone cases courtesy by bedazzled_official

Price range from USD $3-$8

Which phone cases is your favourite?

Wanna see more beautiful photos? lets go to myrissz

Love the things that i have shared? go to bedazzled_official



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