The surfer hotel in Bali

Hye lovelies how are you all doing?

I wanted to try a different kind of hotel for this trip in Bali. Feeling a bit of a surfer girl vibe so i check in at Bliss Surfer Hotel Bali.

the art at bliss surfer hotel.jpg

bliss surfer recognition

Well… as you can see here this is all their recognition. That is one of the reason i choose to stay in this hotel as it had 5 star from trivago. The staff was great, the food was not bad and the room is pretty spacious. Its worth the value of your money.

hanging tree.jpg

Hanging  tree by the pool… how lovely is that? This is the view as your walking towards the breakfast area which is to the right.

yummy food-Bliss hotel.jpg

breakfast at bliss.jpg

There is a variety of food to choose from!

breakfast at bliss surfer.jpg

Their fried aubergine is delish

near to the pool.jpg

Close up to the pool! Do you feel you just wanna dive in? lol

sandy pool.jpg

I am really amaze how they decorate the trees by the pool and by the walking pavements. It feels…. homy… or by the beach?

chilling spot.jpg

If you walk straight ahead that is where the reception is located. I guess i found my chilling spot =)


You are a newbie… no ideas where to surf? where to go? ladies…. do you wanna go for a spa? all is being prepared right here… pick one!

Bliss Surfer Hotel

Price range from USD $26-$60

After reading and viewing the photos of Bliss Hotel, would you wanna try it?

Lets go to my colourful instagram myrissz

Have a splendid week and take care!




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