My first day in Bali

Hola… How are you? Gosh first day in Bali… what do i do?


nasi ayam penyet.jpg

Nasi ayam penyet in the house! oh well… their nasi ayam penyet is slight different from the Malaysia Ayam Penyet. What is the difference? Well… there is no soup for sure.

What do we have here?

  1. Fried chicken
  2. Sambal spinach with peanuts
  3. Fried tofu
  4. Sambal beef
  5. Sambal Tempeh (google it)

Suris boutique hotel pool.jpg

Every time…. i visit Bali, I enjoy trying out different hotels. Why not? there is so many hotels here.

Welcome to Suris Boutique Hotel Bali

Suris Hotel Bali

Its worth your money! as they charge one night around $25? The room is spacious but not on the toilet though…but hey you have a nice pool and splendid service from the staff. Would i come back? not really due to the location. It is near Kuta but there is a traffic here so you kind a wasted time on there… unless you don’t mind the traffic.

nasi greong bali.jpg

Breakfast was good!

moschino shade.jpg

I am off to spa!


Love the location because its nearby oberoi which is super near seminyak. You can just walk around here and there. I will continue more about this tremendous place on my next blog.

Wanna see more photos lets visit  myrissz

Do you love going to spa?

Manicure pedicure anyone?




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