Hey peeps! watch doing?

I have been hearing loads of stories from my friends about staying in a hostel. In my mind, hostel are not really a comfortable place to stay unless your busy the whole day traveling here and there…. and you just need a bed to sleep on. Plus i am quite particular of sharing toilets with tones of stranger? No…no… but hey!

What i found out is there is a variety of hostel from sharing with different sexes or you just want a dorm with only girls. I did not even know that hostel also offer a suite room? studio? how cool is that!

I was really looking forward to try Bali hostel.

BB Hostel Bali

hostel housing

hostel world

Can you see that balcony with the seating area? Thats my room! The view? I will show you later 😉

Hostel life here we go!


There is a pool and shower too… how considerate are they?

hostel life

BB Hostel Bali is a clean hostel and i love it! Can you see through that window? There is a wooden shelf where every guest has to take off their shoes and put it there. Their interior design is like a youth hostel and i love it!

hostel spa.jpg

hostel spa

A spa? are you kidding me? its like a hotel….

youth hostels

While going up to the second floor, this is the first thing you will see. A cute cozy chilling spot.

clean hostel

hostel life

To the left is a corridor to our room

hostel kitchen

hostel kitchen

Zoom into the kitchen! Isn’t it spacious?

sofa hostel

Living room hostel is humongous

hostel living room

Hostel living room and dinning table… It is a complete set!

bunk bed with double bed.jpg

So i did not have the time to take a photo on the first day when the bed is set up.

Welcome to the suite room…. There is a double bed and a single bed below. On top are all three single beds. To your surprise we were only three girls, just because we wanted the private bathroom and the exclusive balcony.

hostel shower.jpg

hostel bathroom

Cute design of the bathroom.

hostel bath.jpg

There is two shower in one bathroom, girls can get ready faster =)

top bunk bed.jpg

Since we have lots of beds… why not…. try the top bunk bed.

hostel balcony.jpg

Magnificent view! drum roll please…..

hostel breakfast.jpg

hostel breakfast

Hostel breakfast was great! on top of that with this remarkable view. I am happy, I am satisfied and i have no words anymore.

Phone casing by Bedazzled_official

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