Hello lovelies! how are you?

My very first sunset in Bali was at Kudeta. It was ages… maybe around fifteen to twenty years ago. I think it was the first sunset restaurant in Bali. It was love at first sight. Although there are many new places for sunset in Bali, i will always come back to Kudeta.

the whole food-kudeta

They always maintain the quality of their food. Everything was perfect from their drinks to their food. You will never regret having your meal here.

zoom in kudeta food

Can you see those sauce on the right! it was an amazeballs combinations… it was so good… definitely will go back! compulsory!

Forgive me as i forgotten what is the name of each food. Those crispy chicken meat with a splendid sauce will be on the right. On the left side is fried squid… but this ain’t no ordinary fried squid. I have no idea what flour they used and if you look closely you will see those crispy tiny stuff that completed the meal. I am literally drooling and craving for it! Do i need to explain the pizza? All of the ingredient, sauce etc are well balance.

ootd kudeta

Beautiful white clouds for my back ground.

kudeta area.jpg

The back scene sceneries.


Front row seats are the best.


The great things of having friends by your side, you can create and share the memories together. It is the ultimate completion of my day.

Would you wanna try this place?

kudeta bali



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