Bulgari Resort-Bali

It will always be a wonderful experience in visiting Bulgari Resort. I wanted to bring my friends to a place they have never been. Every tourist will want to witness a beach sunset. But Bali offers more than just a beach sunset. Why not we try sunset by the hill with Bulgari Resort for a change of scene.

light bulb

As we step down the stairs walking by this impressive landscaping and feeling the smooth breeze on our skin, it gives you the slight chills and a relief feeling breathing those fresh air.

glimspe of view.jpg

bvlgari resort-edge.jpg

bread stick.jpg

drinks at bulgari resort.jpg

I would say it is quite difficult to get a perfect coffee in Bali. Bulgaria Resort coffee are exceptional. Their high tea set was intriguing so we gave it a try.

high tea set

Local satay.jpg

bulgari resort-high tea.jpg

Here comes the desserts which is my favourite

variety desserts.jpg

desserts heaven.jpg


step by step.jpg

Ending the day with a last shot

Which one is your favourite dessert?





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