Styling at Bulgari Resort

Hola…. how are you?

I have always wanted to visit Bulgari Resort again because it just give me this exhilarating feeling. If you ever want to visit the place, you might be a bit shock as the entrance is very bare and simple. Then a driver pop out to bring you down the hill to a spectacular view of abundance green. In a simple word the driver will bring you to the restaurant.

restaurant entrance

We ride down with a cute little golf car, as we reach the restaurant entrance i quickly ask my friend to take photo. Come on… with a background like this! its a must!

bulgari resort pool.jpg

It seems all so serene

bvlgari resort-edge

We are on top of the hill just getting ready to witness the beautiful sunset.

edge pose.jpg

Dress: Religion

Heels: New look




pink blouse

Girls just wanna have fun!



Do you like the bright pink top?






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