Ramada Hotel-Bali

Hello how are you?

Hotel hopping! What makes it interesting until I have to write about it? Maybe its the name Ramada hotel. Maybe its the comfy bed that is so comfortable makes me not want to leave the bed? Maybe its the the two pools. Well whatever it is… Lets explore it together.

reception-ramada hotel

Beautiful Lobby


mini fountain.jpg

This architecture design is amazing. The idea of designing it in an earthy warm look by the strong pillar of steels with intricacy details is just an aweeee.

ramada hotel-lounge

ramada hotel-restaurant

A fresh look of the restaurant.

hotel suite.jpg

I had the opportunity to stay at their junior suite which was really comfortable. Its like staying in your private apartment.


single room.jpg

balcony view bedroom.jpg

master bedroom.jpg

Gosh when i hop on the bed I could just sleep there all day long. It was the most comfortable bed ever. As you can see there is two spectacular bedroom for three of us.

suite view.jpg

It is a complete when you have a balcony room. The best part about this suite the balcony is also connected to the master bedroom which you can imagine its a long balcony.

ramada hotel-bathroom.jpg

A heaven for three girls sharing one bathroom. The table top was spacious to put all of our make up necessities.


Morning view be like this? I just love seeing green plants, green view anything that is green. They say green is good for your eyes.

swimming pool-bar.jpg Best spot to chill at night  while gossiping with your girlfriends.

rooftop lounge.jpg

Rooftop here we go for breakfast.

rooftop-swimming pool.jpg

Swimming on the rooftop anyone? While witnessing the sunset by dipping in the pool.

ramada hotel-entrance.jpg I take this photo mainly because of its ceiling design.



Same spot different time.

Full view-swimming pool.jpg

hidden eyes

If you do not believe any words that i am saying please go to the website and check it out because it is a real deal.

Ramada Hotel

Price range from USD $35-75

Were you attracted by the interior design of the hotel? because i am!




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