Pumpkins by Yayoi Kusama- part 1

Hello how are you?

I had an amazing opportunity to visit the great ‘Yayoi Kusama’ exhibition. Truth be told i did not know who she was until my brother told me she collaborated with Louis Vuitton. That got my attention…


Acrylic on canvas 1993

The very first art piece i see is called ‘Revelation from Heaven B’.

neon purple art


Oil on canvas 1987

This is one my favourite art piece which is call ‘Imagery of Human-Beings

red webs.jpg

What do you see?

I see spider webs in RED.

yellow tree.jpg

I just call it the yellow tree. Does it make sense?

trio art

silver balls

I never knew that silver balls can be this attractive. Then again that is why Yayoi Kusama is an artist.

turquoise lightings.jpg

Blue lights

lailac lightings

Purple lights

bronx lightings.jpg

Brown lights

orange lightings.jpg

Orange lights

red lightings.jpg

Red lights

I just love the varieties colours it pop out.


Mirrors,wooden,acrylic panels


Infinity mirrored room- Gleaming lights of the souls.

dots flower.jpg

Metal,fibreglass reinforce plastic,urethane,paint,sticker

I felt like a kid seeing a gigantic polka dots flower. The room was magically colourful and bright with no shadows of anything. It somehow gives a translucent feeling as well when your in the room.

flower dots.jpg


With all my love for the Tulips, I pray forever.

Thy say Tulips is Yayoi Kusama regular motif. It first appear in her early prints in 1980s but recently has been converse into a bigger large scale. oue to Often visits Netherland in 1960s, it inspired her.

metallic pumpkin.jpg

I wish i can bring this metallic pumpkin home! its too glamorous! love it!


To be continued part two….

Which is your favourite art piece?



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