Yayoi Kusama Gallery -part 2

Helo peeps how you all doing? As i promise the continuing story of Yayoi Kusama gallery.

christmas multi coloured tree

Yes! I want to bring back this trees too….. I am amaze by her creativity. First of all the black and yellow pumpkin was a splendid idea of hers. Come on… who would of thought black and yellow pumpkin would be this attractive right?

The basic art that she uses is just a simple polka dots but how she executed it is another story. All of her arts has dots, to make it even more attractive it is all different art of polka dots. Her imaginary goes beyond then a normal person could ever imagine.

christmas by yayoi.jpg


Look how amazing the colours combination she pull it off? The details, texture and composition some how everything matches.


gold layered.jpg

multi-colour art

multi-colour art.jpg

Each gallery represents a different theme. She never fails to surprise me and delivers it sophisticatedly. I guess you can see now I am big fan of her.

multi color art.jpg

I would say save the best for last as this was the last gallery i visited but it was not intentionally plan. I love a bold striking colours. I was in an awe…. seeing all this colourful art.

yayoi kusama logo.jpg


Looks can be deceiving, well now you know how big is the art!

Which one is your favourite art piece?

If you had the chance to visit Yayoi Kusama gallery, would you?





Instagram: myrissz




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