Styling:Yayoi Kusama

Hello how are you?

Hope you guys are doing fine as I am feeling great! Yayoi Kusama gallery… what can i say? i feel like a girl in wonder land. I could not stop talking photos everywhere. All angles are a must!

white lace


To be honest… i have no idea who is she or what she do. I saw a lot of people posting black and yellow polka dots and it got me intrigued. Apparently my brother knew everything about her but the only thing i heard coming out of his mouth that she collaborated with Louis Vuitton.

Thats where it all started…..

fun dots

selfie yayoi



Bottom: zara

Bag: cartier


Heels : ALDO


Here we are at infinity mirrored room. I love the bold modern mirror contrast with the earthy warm wooden floor.

touch art

It seems like I am touching the art but I am not!

light souls

Light of souls


Bottom: ZARA

Bag: cartier

Heels: ALDO


point up


Bottom :cotton on

Bag: cartier

Shoes: puzzle

white room

Yes I did! Save the best for last!

Which background is your favourite?



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