Hello! How are you?

Weekends are here and it is time for the girls to start their A Game. weekends are the only time where girls can dress up and flaunt it. Fashion weekends for this week is styling in lace blouses because… LACES are in!


Blouse: amyris.asia

Bag: Chanel

Pants: Giordano

Heels: Nine West

brown bubble

Yes that is a real bubble. How fantastic it is that it doesn’t even spill on the floor? Reminds me the time during high school where I do a lot of experiment with the cylinders tube mixing and experimenting in the lab.


purple kebaya.jpg

The rich violet colour of the lace match deeply with the violet silk pareo which exudes the beauty of the colour.

Blouse: amyris.asia

Pareo: amyris.asia

Heels: Nine West

pink kebaya

Touristy photo with the humongous polka dot ballon.

Blouse: amyris.asia

Hand Drawn Pareo: bedazzled_official

khaki with pants

An idea on how to match khaki green colour which you can do it with beige,red,white,black,yellow or soft pink.

Blouse: amyris.asia

Pants: zara

Heels: Nine West


Which colour of the lace blouse you like the most?

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