Ubud,Bali-No Filter

Hello how are you?

I just got back from Bali and i cant wait to share with you my favourite place to chill….. and that would be UBUD! I want to try something different this time for my blog so i had this idea since Ubud is a well known place for its natural landscaping, I just wanted you guys to see the real photos as in the real thing! All the photos that i will be posting has no filter.

Here we go!

potd-paddy terrace

Have you take a good look at the feature photo? it was taken from the top of the hill. Me and my friend had to walk all the way down just to get to the first level of this alluring paddy terrace. I felt really bless to witness all of this beautiful green paddy terrace because we do not come by these very often. To smell, to breathe the fresh air and to witness mother nature and the process it grows or how it started.

sweet old folks couple

As we were walking deeper to the paddy terrace i stumble this cute place and sweet couple, to my astonishment they were selling those bags in the middle of a paddy terrace. Being a girl of course i bought one! I offered them to take photos and they were really adorable in persuading me to wear those antique hats. I felt such a tourist which i never felt it for awhile because i always feel Bali is my second home.


view from top.jpg

Were done walking up and down of this mesmerising green heaven and its time to go back.

bali gelato.jpg

Due to the humid and high degree temperature, we just could not resist stopping by this mini gelato cafe.

new shades.jpg

Flaunting off my new shades by charles keith

Trying to reboot myself and just chill for the moment before we head up the hill again.

mini gelato cafe.jpg

How cool is that in between going up and down the hill there is a gelato cafe which is exactly at the right place and at the right time. We still have a long way up to go….. you can never complain when your exercising too much just to witness this beautiful green heaven.


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What do you think of no filter photos?




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