Hotel a bali

Hola mola!

Moly cow….. hotel hopping as usual in Bali! Its been quite often i visit this mesmerise island. I have to budget it down when comes to hotel. Yet it still has to be beautiful and clean… thats on my top priority on hunting hotels.


Clear blue sky with a clear blue pool…. its great enough for me. Welcome to Favehotel, Umalas. The very first thing landed in Bali shoot straight to the hotel. Just nice the provide barbecue menu for dinner. Having dinner by the pool accompanied by the perfect weather allows me to breathe in and just relax. The feeling at that time kind a give a romantic vibe. Guess that night went out perfectly.


We book a room with a balcony view. As you can see isn’t it a cute balcony. One thing i like about this hotel is their location. You have a mini mart right down stairs, plenty of restaurants and bars to hop around because all of it are walking distance.

  1. da maria
  2. sardine
  3. 40 thieves
  4. barbacoa

The list go on and on….

favehotel toilet

Toilet heaven for two girls! you know….. girls has a tonnes of stuff so we very happy to have a big table top to put our goodies. Room size was not that big for two ladies but we had to deal with it as we had two big luggage and three cabin bags. Prices??? its differ each month. If you want to know more about it check it out at the link below.


Price range from USD $18-32

easy suite

Next location is Easy Suite Apartment located at the heart of everything.



I really like this place because its spacious, fantastic service, location and clean. It was a girl dream come true to have their own room and hall to chill… plus we have a small kitchenette as well.

There is plenty of restaurant on the other side of the road with reasonable price. Like literally reasonable. It will take you like 10 to 15 minutes of walking but once you reach, you would literally know your there because there is a whole stretch of restaurants to choose!


You got to stay at a place that has a pool. I think you know what i mean… after all you are in Bali.

easy suite

Only one price USD18

Would you stay in either of this hotel?

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