Malaysia: Traditional clothes

Happy weekends peeps! Its the first October day!

Gosh! There was tonnes of wedding invitation in the previous month.. I guess its the peak of wedding season in Malaysia. Most of the time the ladies will wear the traditional Malay clothes while attending the weddings.

full length nautilus



maple leaf brooch on nautilus

Zoom in to this gorgeous intricacy lace by

sardine cafe-white.jpg


sardine cafe pond.jpg


sardine cafe view.jpg

I just had to take few photos of this incredible place because i heard so much about it.

I cannot comment much on the food as i only had coffee. Although on the bright side this place as you witness it through the photos is just remarkable. This ‘Sardine Restaurant’ is located in town but as you walk in the restaurant it feels like your in the north part of Bali. I just love to just laze around while enjoying all this natural green landscaping. Its sooth the eyes while you sipping your favourite coffee.

Sardine Restaurant


Beautiful clouds above!

This is the exact attire where the Malaysian wear to attend weddings. The top is call ‘kebaya’ and the bottom is call ‘batik’.




I wanted a different colour or should i say a fresh colour? Mint Nautilus kebaya by is my favourite. I style it with a gold belt to give a bit of pop on the kebaya so it does not look too plain. I specifically choose this handmade pareo by bedazzled_official because somehow…. the colour combination is unique. Initially i thought the pareo would not match my mint kebaya due to the bold colours of mustard and red. Then again this pareo combinations of colours is unique as you can see from the leaves colour is in mint! which matches perfectly with my kebaya.

Shop at:


Price range for the clothes are from USD $36 to $85

Which colour attract you the most?



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