What is lush?

Well…. as I was walking in Wisma Atria mall I stumble upon this colourful shop. Initially I thought they were selling home decoration, accessories or bath and body stuff. To my surprise they sell tones of stuff! I was like browsing around each of their stuff. The best part was the salesgirl was super friendly and she was enthusiastic in explaining everything in details.

lush- 9 to 5



Lush really attract me so i ask the sales person tell me about Lush, what is it? where is it from? what is their speciality?

Basically Lush is from the UK and its a family owned business. All of their product are 100% vegetarian and handmade! How terrific is that? I just needed a cleanser for my face. They introduce me with ‘9 to 5’. What is with the name? she explain it is for all the busy ladies who are busy working and always on the run. Once you use this cleansing lotion to remove your make up, just rinse your face and you can continue to apply the toner.



I have a dry skin… so I gave it try to get their body conditioner. What I love about the packaging for this particular body conditioner. If you recycle it up to five container then you bring back this container to their shop and you will get a discount on your next purchase. I am not sure whether it has to be the same purchase as the body conditioner or others.

The company effort to produce all the item fresh is inspiring. As we live in south east asia, their production is in Japan so they can maintain the freshness of their product.


They are very generous in giving you samples. I was able to try ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ which is their body cleanser. I love the after texture affect on my skin. ‘Lemon Flutter’ is to nourish your weak nails! But… but… but… it also can be use for elbows, knees and feet. Why there? Its the most hard part of our body? The shea butter and lemon infusion will give a spark on those area while smoothing it as well.

lush soap

It looks like a cake doesn’t it? Nope its not a cake but its a bar soap.

lush toothpaste

The futuristic toothpaste, according to her take one tablet and chew a bit while brushing your teeth. Call me old fashion but I am still comfortable using the old method. Come on… how could I not take photos of this. Its too adorable.

lush water bomb

One of their best selling item ‘Bath Bombs’.

I did a little research on Lush and I feel in love with them even more. All of their shop has a campaign in educating people about animal testing on cosmetic and until now they are still fighting for it. Another one that caught my eye is  ‘The Friendship Fund’. They are three agencies that are helping in this ‘Friendship Fund’. The purpose of it to help Syiran refugees. To know more about it please click the link below.

Friendship Fund

Its amazing on how Lush started it and they grew an empire from it. Dedication, hard work, patience and humble is what I see in this brand. Despite going so high up the ladder of success, they yet not forgotten to contribute back so much more the society.

Innovation or globalisation

I am just obsess with this brand.

Shop Lush

Price range from USD $9-$59

Were you intrigue by Lush?







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