Mulia Hotel-Bali

Hello how are you?

I am going to share a whole new topic today regarding hotel architecture…. Okay it may not sounds that interesting  or sexy but…. you just have to see the photos for yourself! Because it is a amazing….

My first encounter of Mulia Hotel was in Jakarta. When I found out there is Mulia hotel in Bali. I was excited and can’t wait to check it out. Is this six star hotel worth to to try? Lets check it out..

pool view.jpg


My heart was pumping in excitement when I arrive at the main entrance. Normal security procedure they will check your car thoroughly. Security check done!

As we drove off …. we pass by plenty of huge roses made by steel in red. I didn’t had a chance to take a snapshot of the roses as there was a lot of cars behind us. Walking towards the hotel lobby, I couldn’t resist taking photo of this humongous folding doors.

sliding door architecture

flower decoration.jpg

Zoom in on the interior design details and features.

ground hotel

Beautiful coffee place at the lower ground floor.

pool architecture.jpg

The view by the coffee place.

landscaping pool.jpg

It is not just the architecture that I love but its how they decorate their landscaping too. I love all those greens trees and flowers.


Gigantic statue by the pool? How amazing is that?

This beautiful shot was taken right at the restaurant which serves amazing food.

me at mulia hotel.jpg

Mulia hotel

Would you consider of staying at Mulia Hotel Bali?



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