Bali- The Junction House

The newest, hippest, delectable food is in town! Located at Oberoi street, This Junction House Restaurant is a must try.

ungle layout

full view of food.jpg

  • Fried Calamari
  • Carbonara Pasta
  • Baguette Tuna
  • Mash potato-red snapper-baked caulifolower-long beans (forgot the name)

through the window

Sneak peek through the window.


This is the position where i was standing to snap the top photo.

Your very own cozy room.

ungle layout.jpg

Jungle vibes…

pasta carbonara.jpg

Whats on the other side?


modern spot.jpg

A private spot for the modern lovers. How amazing is this? Each corners has their own individual theme. You just need to follow your mood on that day which theme you prefer to seat.


I know I have chosen my spot.

view outdoor food

At first I was a bit turn off to see the mash potato looking pale with no sauce because thats how i like to eat my mash potato with black pepper sauce.

Never judge a book by its cover after tasting one scoop of it, i went continuously eating it.



After seeing all the cool theme and delectable food, would you consider to check out this place?

The Junction House

Prices range from USD $1.5-12

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