Fontana hotel-Bali

When your favourite hotel keep on giving you surprises you just can’t ignore to blog about it. How did I came across it? honestly i have forgotten. I knew its been awhile but I never think its been that long because they still maintain the place quite well as they start running in 2012. You don’t come across often enough to see a hotel in Bali that offer modern contemporary designs and architecture like Fontana hotel.


front view room.jpg

I still remember when I first walk in the hotel I fell in love with their architecture. The main entrance was huge comparing with other reasonable price hotel. Then i saw the word Portabella bistro, sounds sexy european. Walking through the corridor they hang unique arts portrait and when you visit the spa place its like a whole new layout, more of a Japanese style. Well what do you know  the architect name Popo Danes collaborated with Japan architect Nobuyuki Narabayashi that uses items from Italy.

two balcony.jpg

hotel suite

side view room



Two balcony is better than one right?

twin bed room.jpg

Superior room

Room sizes are from 30m to 48m

Price range from $39 to $90

Its located at a strategic place where there is tones of restaurants, stall, food court, cafes and many more. Best part? all the this places charges at a very reasonable price.

Fontana Hotel Bali

A must stay when you are in bali as the services and food are great.

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