#3 brands of beauty products that deserve to be known

Hey Peeps! gosh its been too long I didn’t write a post. Obviously I have been really busy but I am glad to be back because I miss it! For this couple of months I have been trying new skincare which is sooo out of my comfort zone. Maybe its just a transition? of me wanting to venture out new brands.

suisse set

Suisse Programme

I tried this Suisse Programme Skincare by the recommendation of my sales assistant. He was really promoting the serum as he said it is as good as SKII.

suisse serum.jpg

I google on the spot! to my disappointment it was either in Japanese or Korean. I did stumble upon few videos that wrote SKII competitor. In the end it is really good serum. The downside is I feel uncomfortable with the glittery and sparkle liquids. Once you put on your face the glitter will be gone. Maybe I am not used to it seeing a glitter substance on serum.

suisse cleanser.jpg

I have sensitive skin and I am really scared in trying new products especially the cleanser. My sales assistant convince me it is a good cleanser because it is a gel base which when i try it doesn’t feel like you actually using a cleanser. Hence your face is clean. The toner texture is slight rough compare with Dior toner I usually use. Overall it is alright for the price.

You can purchase Suisse Programme at SASA Malaysia.

lumene make up remover.jpg


I am thankful to know about this brand because its AWESOME. The scent and the texture is perfect. So far it is the best make up remover I have ever used. The downside it does not sell in Malaysia or Singapore or Indonesia or Japan! I receive it as a gift from my friend when she travel to Russia.

Any one travelling to Russia?

arcona pads toner.jpg


Best scent toner ever because I love those rose scent. In addition it makes your skin fairer.  After I use it on my face and neck I can just continue wiping in any part of my body and it does lighten my skin!

You can purchase this at Sephora.

lumene set


If you ever had the chance to try these products do give some feedback.

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