Revolver Cafe:Bali

There is too many cafes in Bali but which one serves quality coffee? One of my favourite cafe is Revolver Cafe. The interior design is intrigue. The edgy, old school and kind a retro look just caught my eyes.


All those bar junkies would like this spot.


Look at it! those little details makes it so much more. Can you see those tiny stairs?


They have their own little brand up here. Rocker style….

revolver coffee

Their coffee packaging is so cool which matches their brand and cafe layout. Gold and black. EDGY…!

boutique stairs.jpg

Boutique view from the top and don’t forget to look at those revolver guns!


A mini sweet romantic room which drives all the girls customer crazy. Every time when i visit this place, the girls will and MUST take photos or videos of this room.

leo coffe.jpg

A must try of their coffee.

revolver wall.jpg

Goodbye revolver till we meet again.


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