Uluwatu:Italian Food

Hello lovelies!

I was hunting some of great restaurants in Uluwatu, pass by this chic restaurant call ‘Balique’. I was curious but did not had the time to try out at the moment as i have few restaurants on my list. Through my research of this place it offers beautiful interior decorations and fancy, yet so far i did not see much review on the food.

open raviolli-bali

Why not trying it out for myself? and I did!

Balique lunch

Indeed Balique has such amazing interior design layout. All the perfect colour combinations, from the pillow case, sofas, table, chairs and others. They even prepare you a sweet floral handkerchief as you can see in the photo.

Balique menu

Then comes the food tasting! It was my first time trying open ravioli which sounds kind a cool. As you open the ravioli the scent of cooked tomatoes was lingering to your nose and with the generosity of seafood they put in the ravioli.  Cacio e Pepe Linguinee is a fresh pasta with pecorino, pepper and parmesan. Once you take the first bite, you will be able to taste the authentic because all their pasta are home made.


Pan roasted barramundi is so good! you mix a bit of everything and dip it all into the gravy. Just a bit… not too much and somehow all the food on the plate compliment each other.

Balique Hall.jpg

Balique restaurant ambience somehow feels familiar, what a small world I found out that Balique owner is the same owner as Bistrot restaurant which is one of my favourite restaurant too! No wonder the food are marvellous! both of this restaurants are well know for their Italian delicious cuisine.


Ranging Price from Rp70-Rp220 per meal


Ranging Price from Rp80-Rp250 per meal

If your in Uluwatu, would you consider going this place?

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