Day and Night: Arab Street, Singapore

Hye there!

When you say Arab street it does not mean just Arab street. It includes Haji Lane, Bussorah Street and others. Why? because all of these street are just next to each other. But as for today I am just going to focus the main tourist spot.

bussorah street.jpg

Many people take photos during the day so I just wanna try how is these streets looks like at night.

istanbul cafe.jpg

Beautiful lightings!

cafe side.jpg

I really love old architecture buildings and I love how Singapore still maintain their old heritage.  I would highly recommend everyone who comes to Singapore, visit this district as it offer varieties of food too.

Istanbul grill cafe.jpg

Cute decoration, some how it feels like your in another country.

street view.jpg

Istanbul food.jpg

Istanbul Grill’s and Cafe

It looks the same but its not. One is vegetarian and the other is with beef. It is delicious and very good service.

Masjid Sultan

It is not complete without a snapshot of Masjid Sultan.



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