Pink Cafes:Bali

Holiday mode is on! How are you doing?

My mission for this trip is to hunt a few cafes or restaurant that is new in town or new to me? Spotted two famous pink style cafes in Bali.

double coffee
drop shot cartel.jpg

Girls do you want to write your name on the drink? I did mine =)

Initially I thought it was a coffee but it is actually a healthy hot drink without caffeine. This two drinks are call “Pink Chai Latte” and it taste good.  Healthy drinks cost at Rp40k.

I am in the mood for all pink so I ordered Pink smoothie bowl at Rp75k with some zucchini fries at Rp40k. Lastly is this beautiful roast pumpkin soul bowl at Rp85k.

myris love

The pink smoothie bowl is REFRESHING! You can ask them to write any initials that you want. Myris will always love Bali.  Where is this place?

Coffee Cartel

Best part it opens daily! 7.30am-6pm

You will not miss out this background.

coffee cartel background

Have u join the Kynd Community?

single kynd
side shot.jpg

Who say eating healthy has to be boring? So here I am trying for my very first time this healthy bowl which call “Berry Tropical Bowl”. How I found this place? It is such a tourist spot where every one will come here just to have their healthy bowl and take photos with the pink background. Unfortunately I did not get to seat at the place as it was a full house. A bit disappointed because this place is quite tiny. Photos from the tourist can quite deceiving.

double kynd.jpg

Berry Tropical Bowl-Rp73k

The Golden Hour Drink, literally that is the name consists all the high antioxidant such as raspberry, orange, apple and passionfruit, Rp55k.


Will you give it a try?




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