#1 Skincare for Asian

Hi love,

After numerous trying and changing skincare, I finally found the one! These european brand has improvise so much for the asian skin compare to 15 years ago. Why Dior? Shall we?

#1 set dior

I was force by mom to use skincare at the age of 13years old, at that time I did not understand why she insisted but I am thankful to her that she insisted. Simple was the first brand ever! Almost every teenage girls use this brand as it was famous in Asia too. I started to have pimples and it was not working. So I change to Nuskin for another 2 years. It clear my pimples but it did not improvise my skin condition. I tried clinique but it was to acidic, then to SKII for about 2years and my face turn patchy like uneven tone.

Finally I stick to Estee lauder for about six years but of course I tried a variety of range in Estee Lauder. You see… back then European brand was the only brand were expose too. They were not really focusing on Asian skin so we just had to bear with it. Don’t get me wrong it improvise our skin but when your skin has been too long using the same substance it tend to adapt to it.

Chanel was the last option for me and I did not want to try Dior because some of the people said its too strong or acidic too. Due to their promotions in this recent years, I took the courage to try it.

dior snow

Asians… we love whitening skincare. When you apply the Dior Snow range on your skin it does not feel intense. It feels smooth, light weight and at the same time you can see your skin fairer. If your using Dior Snow cushion powder, it is a MUST to get the bloom perfect because it compliment each other and you will have those glowy skin like the KOREANS!

Here are the step in using skincare:

  1. Dior Snow Mousse
  2. Dior snow Essence
  3. Capture youth Serum
  4. Eye cream (can be any brand)
  5. Dior snow Creme
  6. Dior snow Bloom perfect
  7. Dior Snow cushion powder

dior new serum

Capture Youth serum just launch this year, what I love about it you can use it individually or you can mix it like two drops each.

  1. Capture Youth Glow booster is to boost up the glow on your skin. I would say it helps in a moderate way.
  2. Capture Youth Plump filler Is to enhance skin whitening. This baby really helps a lot. For example when I was in bali I constantly use it day and night and my skin did not darken because usually my skin will always darken especially when I go holidays on an Island.

Both of this serum smells really good and easy to apply as it absorbs straight into your skin.

#1 set dior

These days there are a lot of skincare focusing on Asians skin such as Laneige but Dior has put a tremendous amount of effort to it. I have never felt this good about a skincare. My advise if the skincare your using does make a difference and you feel it, stick to it. I have  been using Dior Skincare for almost two years, The longer I use it plus with the serum I can see the improvement on my skin and most important the comfort feeling when I apply it on my skin.

Would you try Dior Skincare?






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