Pink Skincare

Hi Lovelies,

It’s been too long. I did give up on blogging because I do not see the point. Everyone is on Instagram or Vlogging. So i thought people these days are not interested anymore in blogging. Hence since I have paid for this website why not just keep on sharing with you guys about my personal thoughts on skincare.

I am not an adventurous person when comes to skincare. When I found out the skincare is suitable for my skin. I will just stick to it all the way. In other way I am loyal to brand. Just because I have sensitive skin? so I rather just stick to it then regret trying new ones which can make my skin worst? Do you get it?

I have been using Dior for about two years. I know the product is expensive but I also love how Dior pamper their customers by giving us gift on a birthday month. Almost every month they send mail, we will get free sample. On birthday month they will offer double points on all of our purchases. The more you spent the more points you will get. One time I got a necklace by Dior. Which is super great but you do need to spend a lot. That is a bummer. Well not every time I can maintain but I still like their product. Especially when it suits my skin perfectly.

  • Dior Prestige la Micro Huile De Rose is the bomb Serum! Actually you use it before serum as it will enhance the effectiveness when you combine these two. I just use it as a serum. The smell of ROSE is sooo good and those little tiny balls u can feel it as you rub it on your skin and just disperse.
  • Capture Totale Dream Skin is a one minute mask. Obviously you just put on your skin for a minute after cleanser and rinse it off. I use it three times a week and it is really effective. It BRIGHTEN your skin. No doubt! feeling soft and smooth. You can follow your skincare regime after using it. Toner, serum and moisturiser all but I just use the mask because I am always on th ego.
  • Dior lip Glow really makes your lips pink and glowy
  • Dior Maximiser darken my lips! although they say it suppose to lighten my lips but it did not. It has this minty feels when you put on your lips which I did not really like it too.
  • Sugar Rose lip bum- smooth texture when putting on your lips

I just come across ‘THE BALM” brand. I love how their cute packaging are. It represent fun, edgy and fun again! Their mascara is so good at curling up and thicken your eyelash. The matt lip in NUDE colour is really good and not that drying. The price is very reasonable thats why I am loving it too.

Wow that is a lot of feedback on skincare and makeup. I hope it helps you guys to get some idea before purchasing any of this products. If you have any inquiries do DM me on my instagram beautybymyris




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