Vichy:Blue Skincare

Vichy by far is one of the best drugstore brand I have ever purchase. The first product I ever tried was their eye cream. It was like five or six years ago. I was searching for the best eye cream and during those years it was voted in the top three. I was like… where is this brand from? can a drugstore brand be that good? To my surprise, hell yeah…..

I used two tubes of the eye cream. As time goes by they have other competitors than i hop on other brand too. This year I found out ‘it eye cream’ is the bomb. As soon as you put on your under eyes you can feel the texture is firm. It is like those anti aging cream where you can feel the texture is strong and it is gonna work well. I have been using for six months now and it reduce your eye line tremendously. Hence for eye back it reduces but it took awhile like six months too.

Now were back to Vichy. I heard so much reviews on Vichy mineral 89 serum and their moisturizer. Quite disappointed so here we go:

  • Vichy Mineral 89 serum – It was not good at all for my skin as it makes my skin slight darken. I thought it was watery base but more to slight oily and sticky texture. I didn’t really like it. I feel it is more suited for european weather rather than Asian Countries.
  • Vichy Purete Thermale – After wiping with cotton pad to remove my make up, I feel a bit uncomfortable feeling on my skin. Like a bit rough. I did not had the feeling of moisture or hydrate after using it. It is not a fantastic cleansing water and not too bad too.
  • Vichy Aqualia Thermal – It is is moisturising but it is too greasy. Is it over hydrate? I am not sure. It is either this or the serum that darken my skin.

I have combination to dry skin. I would like to share with you why sometimes it is not good to use a skincare that promote a lot of hyaluronic acid. You really need to do your research first because some brand and I am not talking about Vichy, there is many other brands does not explain properly what is hyaluronic acid is.

Through my understanding…. yes one molecule of hyaluronic acid can retain 1000 times its weight in water but we live in south east Asia country which is hot and humid so it might not work effectively due to our weather. Like I say when it is hot and humid there is low moisture and because our face is full of moisture with hyaluronic acid, it will pull out the moisture out from our skin. I think maybe that is why my skin darken. Check out the link to understand more or you can google about hyaluronic acid to find out more information.

Now now I did not say Vichy brand is not good. I still love their brand it just I need to try which one suits my skin the most. I recommended my mom ‘Vichy Lifeactive Supreme’ as I heard it is a really good night cream. She use it for awhile then she gave it to me. It is my holy grail night moisturiser!

Why i did not post it? because the container is an old packaging. I’m finishing up soon and will write a blog about it as I still want to try their other range.

Have you tried Vichy product? Give me your honest feedback about it



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