All Black:Chanel

Hello Lovelies,

Have you shop your Christmas present? Christmas is just around the corner. To come to think about it, this Chanel range could be one of the Christmas present you could purchase for the last minute shopping.

It might be a bit costly for a lip bum that is worth RM150 but but hear me out. Look at the size of the lip bum, it could last a year! In addition it is very moisturizing, glides on smoothly and easily and it brighten your lips. What a good combo is that?

The famous Chanel Egg shape hand cream. It is such a remarkable idea and boom it is famous in an instant. Le Lift is well know for their anti aging range and how cool a hand cream can be use not only to moisture your hands but firm it up as you know the signs of aging can be seen through our hands and eyes. It is the most important features of our body that needs attention.

I tried my very best to take nice photo of the packaging to share it with you guys so bear with me hehe…

I just love every single details of the packaging like how they create the exterior of the box is black and the font colours are soft pink just like the hand cream packaging. I love the interior of the box which is soft pink too and if you look closely they even emboss Chanel logo on the interior of the opening of the box. I am just crazy of this little details.

Do you think this would be a great Christmas gift?

If so which one do you prefer? the lip bum or the hand cream?

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