Pupa Milano-Cosmetic

I can’t believe it is 2020! Promotions here and there! What a better way to start the year buy shopping cosmetic! I am excited to share with you this new brand that I found which is call ‘Pupa Milano’.

Well technically it is not a new brand. Pupa Milano has been established since 1976 and they have been exporting their product in 70 countries worldwide! Why only now I found out about you? Oh well it is better late than never.

Every time I walk in SASA, I will always like to browse around what are their new products or old products that I missed. SASA is like Sephora in South East Asia, although we have Sephora but I lean more towards SASA. Don’t know why….

I just wanted to get an eye brow pencil then I stumble upon Pupa Milano as it was just beside it. Surveying their eyeliner which I bought is Vamp Waterproof (suitable for sensitive eyes and people who wear contact lenses). I like it because it is a brush eyeliner as it is easier for me to do the wink. Then I saw their mascara which are Vamp Mascara and Vamp Explosive Lashes Mascara. I prefer more the Vamp Explosive Lashes Mascara because I have short eye lash and it work wonders! The SA said if you want a barbie doll lashes get this but I can say it did not turn out to barbie doll lashes but it does lengthen and thicken my lash.

Cosmic Queen Palette

Oh god when I see they have black and the perfect blue colour eyeshadow that I need. Heaven! I like how they balance the palette with some neutrals colours too. So that I can do my smokey eyes shade. Literally the texture is amazing! It is slightly lower than Dior eyeshadow. I would say for the price it is soooo worth it.

Can you imagine how excited I was when I found out they were having promotion on the Vamp Explosive Lashes Mascara. Basically you purchase the gift box which contain

Vamp Explosive Lashes Mascara suitable for sensitive eyes and people who wear contact lenses

Two Phase Make up Remover suitable for sensitive eyes and people who wear contact lenses

Toiletries pouch

Which only cost RM61 (sale price)

Normal price for the mascara is RM85 Sale is RM68. Can you see the difference? What a deal!

Best part in SASA you can ask for free sample, this is one of the reason I love shopping at SASA. They are generous in giving sample because I have a sensitive skin so I don’t like to buy without trying it first unless the review is sooo good. I like how they pack this sample in a ziplock. This is little things get me excited and I appreciate they value their customer.

All of Pupa Milano product are PARABEN free and dermatologist tested. I strongly suggest you to try this brand if you have not because they are really good quality for the price.


Check out their stuff on the link above

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