La Roche Posay VS Vichy

Hello Lovelies!

How are you doing? I still can’t believe it is 2020! Then again it is February, Oh well time to venture on new ranges of skincare! I am really excited in expanding my trial on Laroche Posay and repeating my order with the lovely Vichy.

If you have been following me for awhile, You would have notice on my previous post regarding this softening foaming gel by toleriane. To my notice I actually bought the wrong type which is more for normal to oily skin. It is such a waste! no wonder after I wash my face, I can feel a bit of tightness on my skin. Bummer…. hence I got this lovely caring wash anti-discomfort and anti dryness by Toleariane. It is well suited for my normal to dry skin. Sometimes it does not feel anything. What I can say it does clean you face gently like a baby.

These are the new things that I bought and tried. My SA recommend the blue liquid which is call ‘Respectissime’. It is an eye make up remover and she said it often sold out. I like it because it can be use as lip remover and it does not sting the eyes. Initially I used The Toleriane Dermo Cleanser as an eye and lip makeup remover because the texture is really milky and smooth and similar to ‘Chanel Lait Confront‘. It was getting too costly and I switch to Laroche-Posay but hey like I say the texture is real similar.

$USD 45
Price Range $SGD 19.90-$SGD 33.9

Laroche-Posay Steps of Cleansing Face:

  1. Respectissime- Use cotton pad to remove eye and lips makeup
  2. Toleriane Dermo Cleanser- (exceptional) If you find the texture is slight rough in removing your lipstick. Then use this STEP to remove the lipstick. I use this bottle for traveling as it can be used to remove everything from face, neck, eyes and lips.
  3. Micellar water ultra for sensitive skind- Use a cotton pad and remove makeup for the whole face and neck
  4. Toleriane Innovation Caring Wash- Rinse you face with water then apply the cleanser, cleanse your face and rinse it off.
Vichy LifeActiv Supreme $SGD99

Vichy LifeActiv Supreme is the best night moisturiser ever! It is my second time using it. It lift and moistured my skin so well. I love shopping in Singapore Vichy and Laroche-Posay because the SA is so sweet. I bought a lot and she gave me this free Cleansing Foam by Vichy. Which I used before as I used a lot of makeup remover before I cleansed my face so this Vichy Foam cleanser is very mild and suits perfectly in cleansing my face.

Year 2020 I found the perfect Cleanser and make up remover. On top of that I think it is selling at a reasonable price.

What is your new skincare indulge for the year 2020?

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