Dior:Make up goodies

On my personal Instagram, I have been following numerous beauty influencer. What I really love about the beauty community they are all so supportive in giving feedback. Whether on how you take photos or the product itself. I can say we are pretty tight. My personal favourite is there are no race, colours or bias on where you from. They will sincerely share feedback base on your content itself and I really love it and making me wanting much more in contributing my very own beauty space.

Plus, sharing my beauty thoughts really help me to decompress in a therapeutic way

Earring by @amyris.asia

Do you remember when was this first packaging of Dior Grand Bal launch? I think the first time I saw this is when my mom purchase it like 15 to 20 years ago. My first impression was like ewh… old looking and like what is so unique about this packaging.

Hence I currently appreciate more because it is a classic Dior lipstick and symbolic. Come on don’t you agree? What is the first impression when you see this lipstick?

My first impression would be hey that is a Dior lipstick.

Well at least the gold goes so well with LV make up pouch.

In year 2018, Dior launch Backstage eyeshadow palette! The packaging is so very simple yet it shouts Dior. How? Just How they come out with this idea. I have been eyeing this palette for a year, just waiting for the reviews and etc. Oh god how I love the texture and the colours combination.

Please let me know if you have tried their other colours of palette and how you play with it.

Beauty Influencer really influence me to improvise my photo skill! I often sees them taking their beauty product with some piece of jewellery too.

What do you think about this photo? Earrings courtesy from amyris.asia

Do you have this diormakeup packaging too? Mine are just eyeshadow and blusher.

Share with me in the comment below. Which are your favourite Dior product and if you don’t have it yet which of their range areyou looking forward to try?

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