New Dior VS Old Dior

Hello lovelies,

Has it occur to you which packaging or formula of Dior you are fond of more? Is it the New Dior or the Old Dior? Lets find out shall we?

Before we start, How are you all doing? The year of 2020 has been a lot of challenges and enlightenment for all of us. I truly hope we embrace more of the positivity through out these time.

On the other note! Lets indulge in this beauties

I was desperately need to replenish my skincare. I must say I love their essence and serum new packaging as for their perfect light I leaning more towards the old packaging as it is lighter and more durable I would say or more solid.

I love the photo of the mirroring effect. I have trying to practise a lot to improvise my photography skill. What do you think of the mirroring effect?

So basically this is my skincare rountine

  1. Chanel Cleanser
  2. DiorSnow Essence
  3. Dior Capture Totale Serum
  4. Chanel eye cream
  5. Diorsnow Moisturiser
  6. Dr. G Sunblock
  7. Diorsnow Perfectlight
  8. Diorsnow Perfect Light Cushion Powder

Number 6-8 Is a compulsory if you want to have that korean glowy skin.

Although when you see the Old packaging, it does looks bigger than the New packaging but actually it is the same amount. How our eyes deceive us well.

I love shopping Dior In Malaysia because they are so generous with minis. I really minis. It really comes in handy for travelling. Especially for trying out their new range. Sometime I just like to collect a lot of eye cream so I can save on not spending on it. Well hello! Dior eye cream cause a bomb and they only last for 3-6months because the SA told me that the effect of the stuff will deteriorate as months goes by and it will not be effective as the first time you open it.

Bummer… so make sure when you open a new skincare, fully utilise it until finish. If not it will just go to waste.

What do you girls think, old packaging or new packaging?

Have you try these range? Let me know on the comment section. I would to hear from you.



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