Top 1: Chanel

Hi Love, how are you all holding up there? 2020 has been an unbelievable eye opener for all of us.

I have always been a fan of Chanel. I notice a slacken in their skincare for the past five years. I wanted to return back in using Chanel but their skincare has nothing offer. About five years ago, I was a using their Le lift serum range then they change the formula and it did not improvise. That is why I jump to Dior. One thing they have maintain is their lovely face cleanser and I recently started to use their eye cream too. Lets find out more what are the other range that Chanel can offer.

La mousse cleansing cream

This has been forever. It is really good. I love trying new range so I hope around and try other brand. To make matter worst my skin did not turn out great so i needed something that can fix it. I have done some research that cleanser is very important. Yes a bit late for me to know all this because when i compare the other range of skincare is doing fine but cleanser? I really need a good quality deep cleansing. So I hop back to this cleanser. It is a life saviour and I am glad they did not change the formula!

I am happy with my micellar water and lotion face remover from La Roche. Being a girl sometimes you have the itch to just want too get a luxury brand that is good and with a sleek packaging. Oh well basically you pay because of the brand too right? lol

Not forgetting when you get all this cute freebies. I suspect they improvise the eye blue serum too because I remembered the last time it does nothing and the quality is not a luxury texture. At the moment I am using this eye serum and surprisingly it is not bad. You will only see the result when you use at least for a month.

Loving my artsy photo. I highly recommend this cleanser. Although it is slight costly but look at the tube? I think it can last the whole year. Plus it cleanses your skin thoroughly and not feeling tightness. In addition the texture is so luxury and you just need a pea size of it to use because as you wash your face the foam will come out.

By the way my skin type is combination to dry.

Do share with me what is your favourite cleanser?

Are you a skincare lover?

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