Welcome to Chamairis blog,

Honestly I am a terrible writer but I just love to share to whom ever reading my blog. I could say coffee is my drug that is why I love cafe hopping. The curiosity of hunting new cafes on what they have to offer other than food and beverages. It can be their interior decorations too and services.

While I blog about it, It bring me back to the time I was there. I guess that is why I love sharing it. Picturesque sceneries, a heads up on where to go and not to go. Girls will always like reading about beauty as do I. Since I have been start using skincare at the age of 15 years old, it gets me excited to give my fair share of view on skincare for Asian skin.

In the end just sharing a glimpse of my life.

PS: Create the person you want to be in the future, create the personality that will match your success and work towards your goal at you own pace.





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