Mulia Hotel-Bali

Hello how are you?

I am going to share a whole new topic today regarding hotel architecture…. Okay it may not sounds that interesting  or sexy but…. you just have to see the photos for yourself! Because it is a amazing….

My first encounter of Mulia Hotel was in Jakarta. When I found out there is Mulia hotel in Bali. I was excited and can’t wait to check it out. Is this six star hotel worth to to try? Lets check it out..

pool view.jpg

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Malaysia: Traditional clothes

Happy weekends peeps! Its the first October day!

Gosh! There was tonnes of wedding invitation in the previous month.. I guess its the peak of wedding season in Malaysia. Most of the time the ladies will wear the traditional Malay clothes while attending the weddings.

full length nautilus


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Hotel a bali

Hola mola!

Moly cow….. hotel hopping as usual in Bali! Its been quite often i visit this mesmerise island. I have to budget it down when comes to hotel. Yet it still has to be beautiful and clean… thats on my top priority on hunting hotels.


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Ubud,Bali-No Filter

Hello how are you?

I just got back from Bali and i cant wait to share with you my favourite place to chill….. and that would be UBUD! I want to try something different this time for my blog so i had this idea since Ubud is a well known place for its natural landscaping, I just wanted you guys to see the real photos as in the real thing! All the photos that i will be posting has no filter.

Here we go!

potd-paddy terrace

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Yayoi Kusama Gallery -part 2

Helo peeps how you all doing? As i promise the continuing story of Yayoi Kusama gallery.

christmas multi coloured tree

Yes! I want to bring back this trees too….. I am amaze by her creativity. First of all the black and yellow pumpkin was a splendid idea of hers. Come on… who would of thought black and yellow pumpkin would be this attractive right?

The basic art that she uses is just a simple polka dots but how she executed it is another story. All of her arts has dots, to make it even more attractive it is all different art of polka dots. Her imaginary goes beyond then a normal person could ever imagine.

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