11 Days On Bali Island-part 1

Hello peeps how are you doing? Why 11 days in Bali?

Its a special day and month for me as me and my friend has been planning this trip for a few months…… to celebrate my birthday which falls on November and what a coincidence for 11 days! get it?

Lets start off with the 1st day

Well we reached quite late so we didn’t able to take much photos.

neo room.jpg

Hotel Neo+Kuta Legian

This is my second time staying here as the price is reasonable. In addition they offer spa and menicure pedicure services. It is really convenient for us….. so we don’t need to walk and search for others plus it save us a lot of time.

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In Bed With the Enemy: The Untold Stories of Japanese War Brides — Longreads Blog


Kathryn Tolbert reports on Japanese war brides — including her mother — who struggled to fit in in post-war America.

via In Bed With the Enemy: The Untold Stories of Japanese War Brides — Longreads Blog

Helo! how are you? i stumble upon this story and it was such an inspiration, heart warming and real! Well it is base on history but it shows another side of a woman that can be so strong for the sake of their future and children future. It teach me a lesson where you must think and act fast because time is very precious.

That is why i am sharing this and please do read it.