Malaysia: Traditional clothes

Happy weekends peeps! Its the first October day!

Gosh! There was tonnes of wedding invitation in the previous month.. I guess its the peak of wedding season in Malaysia. Most of the time the ladies will wear the traditional Malay clothes while attending the weddings.

full length nautilus


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Johor Bahru-Cafe’s

How are you all doing?

Food Food Food! everyone loves food right? it also makes your stomach very happy =)


Arrabiata beed tips

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Cameron Highland Resort-Pahang

Happy weekends ya’ll!

Have i mention that i love history and antique buildings? you know like colonial style…. This is what Cameron Highland Resort offers!

As i walk in the hotel… i literally fall in love with their architecture. It feels like i was in another era.

myris pose.jpg

myris shoe.jpg

Dress: Maryline

Bag: Dior

Accessories: Pandora

Keychain: bedazzled_official

Shoes: Chanel

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Chinese New Year-Malaysia Style

Hola Mola! how r u? It was…. exciting to celebrate chinese new year in Kuala Lumpur. To be honest… it is my first time celebrating and learning their culture.

What is Chinese new year?

Basically it is a celebration for the Chinese….duhh…. There is a slight difference on how the Malaysian Chinese celebrate it.

Chinese New Year is celebrated on the first day of Chinese Lunar Calendar and each year is named after one of the 12 animals of Chinese zodiac. Interested to know what are those animals? It all begin wit the 12 animals competing in the race.

The story of the 12 animals


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