Laura Mercier:Beauty

Have you ever been bold enough to go out of your comfort zone and try a new brand of make up? Yes I finally did it! with Laura Mercier. It feels terrifying. Ok ok I know its sounds over but it is true. When you try to be adventurous in trying a new brand. All this things will come into mind:

  • The cost
  • Is it worth it?
  • Would it suits my skin?

I am loyal person when it comes to make up or skincare or should I say I am a boring person. When I know “A” brand suits me, I will just stick to it for years because I am too comfortable. After seeing so many beauty bloggers having to try a variety of brands. I feel like I am left out? Maybe I should change and venture in a new brand. So I did….

I love the eyeshadow palette so much! It is the perfect colours I need! I did not even touch it until like a month. Then I started using it.

Come on just look at the eyeshadow palette packaging. It is beautiful. The mirror casing is dope! Even their foundation and gloss packaging looks sleek.

Before purchasing at Sephora, I ask for some of the foundation sample first to test will it suits my skin. Then I purchase the whole set. I do not understand after using the foundation, half of the time my face will be flaky. There is two types of eyeshadow in the palette. One is glitter and the other is not. Both is horrible! Every time you apply the glitter whether it is by fingers or brush. The glitter will automatically fall off on your higher cheekbones. What I do is I will put a tissue right at the bottom of my eyes so it will fall off on the tissue instead my cheeks. The non glitter texture is funny. Where in the sense it does not goes smoothly when apply. Its like slight flaky feeling.

The lipstick and gloss are perfect! If you look closely there is two different packaging one is matt and the other shiny. Obviously the matt is a normal lipstick texture. Where else the shiny is very moisture. The gloss packaging is very obvious, I love how the red colour pops out and the the shape that looks like a mini cylinder is a matte lipstick.

My advise? if you want to get Laura Mercier product, I highly reccomend their lips beauty. As for foundation make sure you get their samples and try many times before purchasing it because it is not a cheap product. Over all I do not regret it. You win some you lose some.



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