Dior-Make up

It is so good to be back and sharing with you guys about Dior make up. Well if you have been following me, you should have notice that I am a miss matchy matchy. Once I feel that my skin is comfortable with a brand regardless skincare or make up I will stay faithful to it.

I am sucker I know…. this Dior eyeshadow is every where! from the influencer, instagrammer and others are addicted to this new eyeshadow palette. I guess it is because of the simplicity and still send a statement that it is from Dior. I was trying to hold in and not to suck in in this hype eyeshadow, obviously I could not resist! The texture is really good, silky and smooth.

I need my basic eyeshadow which is green, smokey, blue and pastel colours. When I saw this green and mix of the basic nude colours. OMG to die for…. So yeah of course I purchase it.

Look… I think I have been emphasising about this every time when I do a blog about Dior. One of the main thing I love being a regular Dior customer is because I love collecting points, get free sample and the main thing is the birthday gifts that they spoil me with. Just adore and love it.

Do you have any favourite brand that you are loyal too?

If you would want to see more photos do check out my instagram on beautybymyris




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