Bali: Musubi food

Good food happy stomach right?

My dear friend recommend this place, I guess if she did not recommend I would have never known Musubi Kitchen because from the outside it looks simple and you would have never thought they could offer a variety of food! Plus they design it creatively and its flavoursome!

restaurant view.jpg

misubi restaurant

Not that simple when you walk in! Such a cosy place.

drop top food

Sushi Burger — 65k & Ao Nori Fries — 25k


Shiokoji Salmon — 150k

zoom food

Cheesy Baked Egg with Chicken Tsukune — 65k & Crunchy Brioche French Toast with Ice Cream — 75k

Really…. you got to try Musubi when your in Bali. Their juice is refreshing, the dessert was toothsome and for those who are a coffee lover like me, will not regret tasting their coffee. When its hard to get a good coffee you kind a appreciate and take note to the places that serves one, that is Musubi kitchen

Is it appealing enough for you to try?








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